Making the decision to move home is both exciting and daunting. You’ve probably been thinking about it for some time and have an ideal home and location in mind. At this point, there is nothing more frustrating than being stuck in a property that you just can’t sell.
If the property market is going through a particularly sluggish spell houses can sit on the market for months on end, leading to the common question: “Why can’t I sell my house?”…

To avoid disappointment and get a realistic idea of the current market conditions you should speak to a qualified estate agents. Good estate agents will be able to market your home based on the current conditions and give you advice on how to maximise your chances of a speedy sale.
However, a slow property market may not always be to blame for a house not selling. If properties all around you are selling quickly yet you are struggling even to get someone through the doors for a viewing it could be for one of the following reasons:


1 – Your house is in poor condition
If you have typically put off maintenance jobs, you may well have a house that is not in a good enough condition for a sale. Mouldy bathrooms or loudly painted walls are enough to put prospective buyers off. Try and keep your house as tidy as possible too as messy or cluttered rooms with toys strewn across the floor are a big turn off!
If you want your house to sell quickly, then you should probably put a bit of extra effort into making it look nice. Have a look at similarly priced homes in the area and use them as a comparison. Your buyer is going to be looking for value for money, and if they can spend the same amount but get something with a brand new kitchen or bathroom just up the road, then it might be time for you to start thinking about some upgrades.

2 – Your property is over priced
You may love your home, it may be immaculate and decorated to the highest possible standards, but if it is overpriced, it will not sell. If the property market is good and your house has been sitting there for months, then you probably need to reassess your asking price. A property that has been sitting there for months without selling becomes less desirable to a buyer and can lead to offers being made way below the market value. If you want to avoid cheeky offers you need to make sure that you have the correct asking price as quickly as possible.

3 – Your home isn’t being effectively marketed
Make sure that you choose an estate agent who will work hard and proactively market your property. Sometimes little things like having an online video tour of your home or inviting people along to an open house can make a huge difference. Ask your estate agent to ask for feedback after viewings. If you know what people like and don’t like then you can make changes accordingly.

4 – The photos of your home are not good enough.
Making sure that you have good quality pictures of your home is one of the most important things you can do when it comes to selling. Before the pictures are taken, make sure that you have spent time organising your house to look as good as possibly. It should be spotless and clutter free and if your home has any special features such as original sash windows or fireplaces, make sure that they are included in the pictures. And make sure that the photos are taken by a professional who knows how to angle the camera and get the best possible shots.

5 – You hired the wrong estate agent
If you feel that you have followed all of our tips and that your home is being presented in the best possible way, it may be that you have chosen the wrong estate agents to sell your home. Speak to them and find out exactly what they are doing. Many people are initially lead by cost and go for the cheapest option, but this can result in sloppy and lackluster marketing. If you aren’t happy with your estate agents, then it could be time to market your home with someone else. Try and find an estate agency that is experienced in selling similar properties and that has the drive to sell yours.

If you are struggling to sell your home, then we hope that our tips have helped. If you would like more advice, then please get in touch with our experienced and enthusiastic team here at Aspens on 01784 252202

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