You’ve just moved into a rental property, and you can’t wait to put your own stamp on it, but you can’t wallpaper, change the carpet or do anything about the 1980s kitchen cabinets, so how are you going to make your rental property feel like home?

Lucky for you, there are loads of things you can do to ensure you keep your sense of style (and your deposit too!).


 Get yourself out of a sticky situation

Sometimes the worst thing about renting a property is that you can’t do anything about the existing wallpaper or paint colour splashed across the walls. Especially if your entire property is a boring shade of magnolia, it can seem difficult to jazz the place up a bit and make it your own.

That’s where removable wallpaper, wall stickers and decals come in. They come in all sorts of patterns, colours and designs and best of all? They are completely removable and peel right off as if nothing was ever there!


Just ask

Want to do a bit of renovation, restore an old fireplace or replace a broken cabinet or cupboard? Just ask! If what you’re planning on doing can actually raise the value of the rental property, your landlord might welcome the work you’d like to do.

Usually landlords don’t mind a fresh coat of paint as long as you keep it neutral, or promise to paint it back to the original colour before you leave. Same goes for stylish doorknobs, lighting fixtures and curtains which can be replaced quickly and easily and make a big difference in the home.


Accessories, accessories, accessories

Forget location, there’s a new top tip in town! Accessories are the fastest and most effective way to spruce up any property and put a bit of personality into it. From a bold cushion to a chic rug, there are plenty of soft furnishings that will reflect your own personal style and make your rental home feel like your forever home. So, empty out all of those moving boxes immediately and proudly display your own knick-knacks, travel photos and ornaments.


Get creative

Nothing says home quite like getting creative and making something for your new property. Whether it’s a DIY picture frame, some artwork for the walls or you’d like to have a go and make your own curtains/cushions, putting a bit of effort in and actually creating something not only gives your home a personal touch, but it’s also a talking point that you can really be proud of.


Don’t forget about the garden

If you’re lucky enough to have a bit of a garden with your rental property, not neglecting it is a great way to create an individual and relaxing space that is your own. Whether you’ve got a green thumb or not, it’s easy to invest in some trendy garden furniture, a few potted plants or even some herbs or fruit trees to make your garden an enviable plot.


Make a list

Our top tip for making your rental property feel like home is to make a list of the improvements you’d like to make and stick to it! Don’t give up on decoration all together just because you’re renting. Get inventive and inject some personality into your home and it will reward you every single day.


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