Here at Aspen Sales & Lettings the recent warmer weather has got us thinking about summer and all the things we want to get done before it arrives. We know that for many of you, the change in weather and the longer days will be inspiring you to make some big, life-changing decisions or changes. For this reason, spring is one of the busiest times of the year for us here in terms of buying/selling/leasing properties. But what does this mean for you if you are trying to sell your property? How do you make your home stand out from the rest and ensure that you achieve as close as possible to your asking price?

Well, we believe that one of the easiest and most effective ways to showcase your home is to declutter, declutter and declutter. In our experience, an organised home shows much better than a cluttered one and is much more likely to achieve a higher asking price. A tidy and clutter-free home will appear more cared for. A prospective buyer is likely to believe that if you have taken this much care over the interior of your home you are likely to have taken the same level of care over the general maintenance of the property. In our experience too, the amount of storage space in a home is important to our buyers. Decluttering allows you to optimise and showcase the storage that you have available.

Decluttering doesn’t have to be as huge a job as you might imagine. In fact, just making a few small changes, you can change the way your home may be perceived.

Here are our top 5 decluttering tips. Following these tips will allow you to show your home in the best possible light, encouraging the right viewers and convincing them that your home is worth just that little bit more.

1 – Make sure your kitchen counters are clear. If you don’t use it every day, then it shouldn’t be sitting on your kitchen sides. Find somewhere to store these items. Remove soap, sponges & dishcloths from your sink. You want your buyer to see their dream kitchen, not to be reminded of the dirty dishes.

2 – Depersonalise your fridge. Most of us are guilty of this (especially those of us with children) and it’s an easy one to fix. Your viewers don’t want to see your magnets, post-it notes, photographs, children’s drawings so get rid of them before they arrive to look around.

3 -Make your bathroom sparkle. You should try to make your bathroom feel as luxurious as possible. Hide away your personal products in a cupboard so they are easily accessible but out of site. Once you have removed your personal items make sure that your bathroom is clean. Your buyers will not be able to imagine themselves relaxing in the bath if there is a layer of someone else’s soap scum in it.

4 – Temporarily put away your personal photographs or any religious or political items. When you are trying to sell your home you want to make sure that you don’t exclude or distract any prospective buyer. Think about the homes you see in magazines and try to recreate that look as much as possible. If you wouldn’t see items in a magazine, then you should remove them from your home while you are trying to sell.

5 – Organise the bedroom cupboards. While it’s true that your buyers aren’t purchasing the contents of your wardrobe if you can take the time to colour code or organise them based on style, you will see that it is an easy way to make space look roomy and organised.

So there you go. We believe that by following these five simple steps, you will be well on your way to a quick and profitable sale. If you would like more advice or have any questions, then please get in touch with us today on: 01784 252202.

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