When looking for a property, either to rent or to buy, there are a number of factors that people will deem important. There are certain things that are important for families, such as local schools, playgrounds, and other such facilities, and then other things which are important to a younger clientele such as nightlife and transport to the nearest city centre. However, there are many things that both individuals and families look for when viewing a property. Here at Aspens we are aware of how important first impressions are to viewers. They can decide if a property is right for them within minutes and without even fully seeing a property. So exactly what should you be doing with your home if you want to make people fall in love with it instantly?


It is vital that a good first impression is given by ensuring a clear walkway to the entrance of the property, which should be clean and presentable. Upon entering the property, the place should smell fresh and aired, certainly not damp, stale or of pet odour. In fact, if there are pets currently in the property it is actually a good idea to clear their things away and have them out of the house for viewings – they are not to everyone’s taste, and can put people off wanting to move in somewhere.

The property should show itself off to its best potential, for example, it should be clutter free to show off potential space, as well as storage space, and white goods should be clean and well maintained. Lastly, as an estate agent or landlord showing a prospective buyer or tenant around the property, a good level of professionalism should be maintained at all times, as well as a pride and care in the property at hand. Also, anything you can tell about the area such as transport links, parking, and local amenities is beneficial, as these are all things that people look for when renting or buying a property.

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