Finding the right home is a great way to feel happy in life but when you find the right home in the right area, there is no doubt that you’ll feel the sort of contentment that will leave most of the population feeling rather jealous. There is a need to focus on the area you live in as much as the house itself because focusing on one and one alone leaves the opportunity to find yourself in a place you are far from comfortable in.

There are many excellent places to stay in the south of England and you’ll find that there are more than enough reasons to buy property in Ashford, Middlesex. The area is a suburban town that is predominantly located in Spelthorne borough in Surrey but some of it is also located in the London borough of Hounslow. This gives you an idea of its proximity to the heart of London and this is always going to be one of the most important reasons to buy property in Ashford Middlesex.

The residential town lies less than 14 miles from Charing Cross, considered to be the heart of London for commuting purposes and Ashford is well known for being part of the London commuter belt. With so many people working in London or looking to be nearby for the entertainment and tourist options, this is an area that is well thought of. The fact that Ashford is also found less than 3 miles from Heathrow Airport is of considerable benefit to the town with a great deal of the local economy receiving a benefit from services supplying the airport. When choosing an area to stay in, knowing that there is a thriving local economy will always play a strong part in feeling settled and comfortable with what the area has to offer.

When it comes to finding a commuter area, there is a need for a town to have a viable railway station and this is something that Ashford delivers. This station is a main stop on the Waterloo to Reading line, with two of the three routes from the station being found on the line that heads into the heart of London. There is a mix of trains available to and from the capital with fast options offering a way to get in and out of London with the minimum of time and effort. It is also possible to enjoy the more sedate areas of Windsor and the Eton Riverside by a short train journey from Ashford.

Ashford has a bustling High Street

With the delights of London being so close, it would be easy to think that local residents nip in and out of the capital all the time. However, there is no need to do so unless there is a real need because there is a sizeable High Street in Ashford providing everything you would expect from a popular town. The blend of retail options, restaurants, bars, clubs and cafes ensures that no matter the time of day or night, there will be something for you to enjoy if you spend time in the heart of Ashford. This ensures that there is something for commuters and people who want to enjoy local life. The fact that there is an opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds in Ashford is one of the biggest factors in why so many people choose to stay here.

The range of schools on offer in an area should always be a factor in people deciding of there is something of merit for them. In this regard, Ashford has a range of fine primary schools, some of which come very high recommended, including St Michael’s Roman Catholic Primary school, which was listed as being the 4th best on the benchmark for Maths and English in England. Knowing that there is an opportunity to send your child to a fantastic school will always see a town being regarded as an excellent place to stay.

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