When it comes to finding the perfect place to live, there are two major areas you need to consider. First of all, the property itself needs to be examined and then considered if it will be good enough for your needs. Then you also need to look at the area you are living in. An excellent property in an awful area will cause you problems and a poor home in an excellent area will still give you problems. You may not be able to find a property and area that are 100% to your tastes but you should look to find a home and area that you can enjoy.

One area that is currently receiving a lot of interest is Staines. The area, which is a town found on the River Thames in the Spelthorne borough in Surrey, is now officially called Staines-Upon-Thames, a name change that came into play in 2012.

One of the key reasons to buy property in Staines is its excellent location with respect to many important aspects. The town is located within the bounds of the M25 and if you are looking for a convenient location for a London commute, Staines will be of benefit. The area is classed as being part of the London Commuter Belt of South East England and is in the Greater London Urban Area. At around 17 miles from Charing Cross in the centre of London, Staines is an ideal choice for people who work in London but who would prefer to live in a more rural location.

The rural nature of Staines is brought to the fore with the fact that there are a number of villages found within the wider area of Staines. Places like Wraysbury, Stanwell and Laleham allow people to enjoy the more sedate pace of village life while knowing that they can be in the heart of one of the busiest and thriving cities in the entire world in a short period of time. In the modern era, people are looking to get more from life and staying in Staines provides the opportunity to experience everything that life can throw at you.

The transport links in Staines are of benefit

Another very strong reason for living in Staines, and which ties in with the commuter element, is the fact that the Staines railway station provides the opportunity to connect with a number of prime locations. London Waterloo is the most important station which Staines connects to but it is also possible to travel to Reading, Windsor and Eton Riverside with a minimum of fuss and effort. The line that runs between Waterloo and Reading provides fast and semi-fast services at various times of the day.

The local bus station is a short walk from the railway station and many people appreciate the fact that Staines is situated close to Heathrow Airport, but not so close that the residents are annoyed by the noise of planes flying overhead. This is an important distinction to make as some towns and villages in the wider area suffer from being located on a flight path, diminishing the quality of life in these areas. This is not something that is of concern in Staines. With debate taking place about expanding Staines railway station and improving rail services between Gatwick and Heathrow, there are developments taking place in Staines, which commonly has a positive impact on house prices in a local area. This means investing in property in Staines now before these plans are completed makes perfect sense.

Something that should play a role in whether Staines is a good place to stay for many families is the choice of schools. There is a variety of primary schools, secondary schools and there is even the Magna Carta School, a technology college which is home to over 1,200 students. This is found on the edge of Staines and is within easy reach for residents of the town.

When you add in the fact that a number of firms have taken advantage of the town’s location close to London and Heathrow and you have employment prospects in the area as well.

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