It may be too small to make into a proper bedroom, but filling your spare room with boxes and excess stuff isn’t a great idea when you’re trying to sell your home.

 Even though potential buyers will be getting a clean state if they buy your home, it’s always more effective to give them a taste of what their new home could look like if they decide to buy it off you, and with so many options to choose from, here’s our top 3 ideas for turning your spare room into an unforgettable space.


  1. Home gym

 Gym memberships are expensive, and the fitness industry is very popular right now, so why not convert your spare room into a home gym to attract fit young buyers? However, don’t invest in expensive gym equipment that you won’t use, a clear, bright space with a few nods towards fitness is enough to give buyers the right impression.


  1. Home office

An inexpensive room to set up, a home office is a big draw for potential buyers, and an added bonus to any house when it’s done right. A lot of natural light, a desk and a few organizational bits and bobs are a great way to turn your boring spare room into a productive and inviting space.


  1. Guest room

Okay, it might seem like the obvious choice for a spare room, but with a futon or fold out bed you can really transform a narrow space into a comfortable guest room that’s useful for everyday life too.  Remove all the clutter and keep things simple with a lot of storage, you can advertise this room as both a storage space, and an extra room for if guests decide to pop by.


 The most important points when marketing your spare room as an asset to your property are to keep things simple, don’t spend huge amounts of money on accessories you won’t use in the long-term, and to work with what you have, and if you play your cards right you could sell your house in no time.

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