We take a look at a few of the most common front door colours in and around Staines and Ashford in Middlesex and discuss what this says about the home that lies behind.

If your home is currently on the market and you’ve had people come to look round then you are probably very much aware that first impressions are very important.

For most of our properties, the sellers are already aware that a having an attractive front garden and a tidy exterior can be deal breakers. Some prospective buyers will make their minds up about a property before they have even stepped foot inside. But have you ever thought about what the colour of your front door says about you and your home or what influence it may have on your viewers?

Here we have a look at some of the front door colours that we regularly come across in the properties we market in and around Staines and Ashford and what we think that says about the seller.


In our experience people who paint their front door red are usually welcoming and hospitable which can only be a good thing for your prospective buyers.


A yellow front door makes us feel cheerful. It is fun and inspired feelings of positivity. A yellow door will look especially beautiful to prospective buyers if you are selling your home in spring or summer.


People with an orange front door tend to be socially confident and are likely to have a home designed around entertaining guests. An orange front door exudes energy and happiness.


Green is the colour of health and wealth and in our experience homeowners with a green front door are very likely to value and be proud of the condition of their home.


Homes with a blue front door or often calm and relaxing, providing a peaceful sanctuary away from the stress and pressures of the outside world.


A purple front door is a bold statement and we have found that it usually goes hand in hand with a quirky and adventurous interior.


A black front door is a classic and stylish choice and is often a sign that a home has a well ordered and sophisticated interior.


Practical and reserved. Behind a grey front door is usually a quiet and tastefully understated home.


Brown is the colour of earth. Expect to find a rustic and homely interior behind these.


A choice that often indicates wholeness and creativity. The home behind a white door is likely to be balanced and minimalist.

The above is based on the most common front door colours that we come across and our experiences of the homes that lie behind them. Of course, the colour of your front door is unlikely to make the difference between a sale or no sale but we think it’s important to think about the impressions it is likely to make.

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